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Kindle full of horror

I recently came into possession of a Kindle, and I’ve rather been enjoying it.  Being a fan of H.P. Lovecraft, the first purchase I made was a nice collection of his writing including a copy of the Lovecraft wiki page.  This is the book if you’re so inclined. I’ve been enjoying reading these stories again, collected in this volume in chronological order which is a fantastic way to read them meshed with the Kindle’s “next/previous” simple reading methodology.

One nice thing about this collection is a handy reference of the wiki, which includes references to many of Lovecraft’s contemporaries and influences.  I’ve also been able to get many of these books on my Kindle so far, including such tales as The King in Yellow and several Dunsany, Machen and Blackwood books.

So here I sit, usually over a bowl of soup for lunch, thumbing through some of the world’s best horror.  A Kindle full of horror.  Dig in!

Posted by Mike Loseke on February 10th, 2011 :: Filed under Reading
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